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Hi...I'm Allison, and this is my daughter Brooklyn. I am now starting my 2nd year on this oily journey and am loving every minute of learning, teaching, and exploring all of the benefits of the oils and products Young Living stands behind. I started using oils when I was pregnant, because I was way more concerned with what I was breathing in, cleaning with, and spreading into the atmosphere for me and my family, including my new baby. She was born in December, right smack dab in the middle of flu season...the worst. Several of my family members came down with the flu within hours of being around the baby.....insert new mama panic here. I quickly ran to grab thieves and literally put it in the diffuser 24/7, voila, none of us ever got it. It was at that moment, that I knew the power of these oils and the seed to seal promise was absolutely, without a doubt, legitimate and worth the investment for my family's health. So, a little over a year later, and here I am, educating and sharing my love of oils with anyone who will listen. Why? Because this isn't a sales gimmick, its a way of life, and our way of life has been drastically healthier and safer since bringing Young Living products and oils into our lives. I'm an 8th grade teacher, a wife and mama to an almost 1 year old who steals my heart every day, coffee lover, and aspiring home organizer (just kidding, I use Valor to make sure I don't lose my mind wishing my house was organized, lol) Much love, Allison