Hi! I’m a mama of two Carter (5) and Brody (2). I’m a “retired” interior designer, home staging business owner and certified yoga instructor.

As far back as I can remember I’ve always been drawn to a natural lifestyle. Known as the “crunchy” one of my friends, I’ve changed a lot in the last ten years, you’d never know I used to have dreads! But I never lost my passion for natural health and wellness.

That’s why when I started having babies and learned about Young Living it truly spoke to my heart. A company with a passion for sustainability, purity and natural wellness? Yes please!

It didn’t take long before I wanted to share this life with everyone that would listen. You see, you don’t have to be a hippie in disguise like me, a natural lifestyle is for everyone!

My mission is to empower everyone, especially new parents, to make conscious decisions about what crosses the threshold of their home. I understand that life is crazy and the thought of trying to figure out EOs can be overwhelming.

That’s why I believe education is everything! Essential oils are easy to use and the transition can be pretty painless if you have the right person guiding you. Joining Young Living sent me down a brighter path and I want to bring everyone with me!