Hi, I’m Beth! I’m very happily married to The One, otherwise known as Aaron, and we have an amazing 7 year old named Charlie. I’m in charge of the health and wellness of my home and family and I take this seriously.

Quick fun facts about me: I'm a super duper master googler (yes that's a real thing 😜) and I love experimenting in the kitchen and cooking very involved impressive things but I hate cooking dinner every night with the heat of a thousand suns.

My journey to being more natural started way back when I ditched aerosol hair spray in 7th grade and started pestering my mom about recycling. It took the birth of my daughter to turn my attention to what we were using in our home and on our bodies. When you know better you do better. Young Living has changed our lives. I’m part of a community that supports me and helps me learn and grow. We’re supporting our bodies the way they should be and kicking toxins out of our home. We’re happier and healthier. And that’s what it’s all about.