Marriage. It is a TRIP, isn’t it? I am so incredibly lucky to have this man by my side, every day. But some days, it’s really hard too. People often tell me “oh my gosh, you and Chris are#marriagegoals!” “you guys are so perfect!” etc etc etc. - but I promise, there is so much more to the perfect IG photos and captions. We are not perfect, not in any way shape or form. We have been through a lot. I don’t tell our story often, because it’s hard for me, but it’s one that I get stronger at sharing as time goes on. 

We’ve been together since I was 20 - almost 13 years. We moved in together 5 months after we started dating, got our two sweet puppies a few months after that, bought a house a few years after that, but then took 8 years to get married. Lots of me wanting to get married, lots of Chris saying he wasn’t ready. Lots of me saying I’m leaving, lots of him begging me to stay. There was so much joy in those years too, but they were filled with a lot of insecurity. We got married almost 5 years ago, and a few months later I got pregnant with Grey. We were so. freaking. excited. Chris is a caregiver by nature, and made sure I was eating well, taking naps, getting me anything I needed, and just being a rockstar hubby and daddy. And then it happened. 6 months pregnant, and I get a bomb dropped on my life. Lots of tears. At six months pregnant, my husband left our house and I got a lawyer. It sucked. Being pregnant and single and realizing you have to give birth without your partner SUCKS. I lost 10 pounds in a week, was miserable, and missed my husband. I had my baby shower while separated from him, and nearly no one knew. It was the hardest time of my life. I felt like I was balancing on a seesaw and didn’t know which way to let it land. Neither path seemed like the right one. 


At the time I remember reading a quote from an author, Glennon Doyle Melton. She wrote “Carry On, Warrior” and it just about changed my life. 

It read, "The next right thing, one thing at a time, will bring you all the way home."

I realized I just needed to stop thinking about all the what if’s and just do one right thing. Just one. And then do the next right thing. One day at a time. 


Eventually, he moved back in. I didn’t want to do parenthood without him. I just didn’t. I knew he’d be the best dad ever. I wanted to experience that with him. Grey’s birth was perfection. Grey is perfection. He was my tiny little light in so many dark days. He is special to me in so many more ways, because of what we went through together. I carried him in my belly, but he literally carried me through. 

Rebuilding your marriage is hard. Like really hard. On the daily, even 4 years later. Most days now, I don’t even think about that dark time. We are happy. We have been happy for a long time. My husband is kind, and sweet, and strong, and giving. He is not perfect, but he is kind and has a bigger heart and more gentle soul than most. He supports me always, is my biggest cheerleader, and always agrees to my crazy “yeses.” He says yes to foster care. He says yes to our family. He lets me decorate our house however I want. (HOLLAAAAA) He takes care of me when I am pregnant, and supports any birth I want to have. He takes care of me after I have our babies. He wakes up to feed our babies, he changes diapers, he lets me sleep. He walks our dogs and cleans our house. He doesn’t get TOO mad when I am snappy and controlling and bitchy. He sees me at my worst and doesn’t go running for the hills. (I mean sometimes he probably wants to - but he doesn’t.) There are a million more reasons I want to do life with him. He isn’t perfect. Neither am I. I still struggle with fear and anger. I pick fights over nothing, except that “nothing” is really leftover heartache and hurt that I forget is still in me. 

It is not perfect. We are not perfect. He is not perfect. and I am sure as shit not perfect. But, we love each other and our family. We choose each other every day. We choose our marriage every day, and it’s so so worth it.

me chris.jpg


Confession. I own a business. A network marketing business. Most people say to me when they hear that  “Isn’t that a Multi-Level Marketing business and a PYRAMID SCHEME?!!!?!?) 


No guys. Pyramid schemes? Those are illegal. ✌🏻 

What is network marketing? Instead of a company paying MILLIONS OF DOLLARS in marketing to advertise on billboards, on TV, in ads, paying for space on store shelves (that ain’t cheap friends) - they pay the people who love and adore and use their products.  Why does that freak some people out?  No idea.  I tell my friends when I love a restaurant. A fave dress brand (Gunny & Sack FO LIFE), smoothies (Daily Harvest!), Diapers (Parasol!), coffeemakers (I forget the name but remind me to go look because this shit will change your liffeeee), water filters, vacay spots, WHATEVER. All the things. We tell our friends when we love something alllll the time. This is no different.  

Do you think “Oh, well, you’re just telling me you like these oils because you get paid.” - Okay, if that is what you think of your friends and their integrity - yikes. If you think that about me, looks like we aren’t such good friends after all, anddddd you should probably unfollow me if you think that about my character. 🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s a bit insulting, don’t ya think? ❤️ 


I talk about Young Living like I talk about anything I love because just that - I LOVE IT. They have changed my life, and my friend’s lives, in so many more ways than I can count.  


But friend, it’s so much more than people loving and using and buying these life-giving products (In fact, just my small business alone - Modern Essentials -  brings in over 18 million dollars in sales a year. YEAH. I told you we love them.)


We’ve helped someone going through a very trying and difficult time in their life support their emotions. 


I’ve celebrated with mamas who were finally able to get pregnant after years of trying.


I’ve cried with friends who found their babies through adoption and foster care, and rejoiced with them as they brought them home to their forever family. 


I’ve SOBBED with gratefulness as a friend began the process to donate her kidney to another friend who desperately needs it. (This is a story for another day. 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭)


I have brought joy to moms who were finally able to sleep because some oils helped settle their babes. 


I have celebrated with friends who were able to quit their jobs that made them miserable and stressed.


I have cheered and jumped up and down and watched friends bring their husbands home from the corporate rat race that took them away from their families for hours upon hours upon hours. No more living for the weekends. (My husband being of them. <3) And I am dreaming every day of this for one particular friend. Soon. <3 


I have been able to empower women and men who have believed a lie that the only way to make money is to be unhappy in a job, work tons of hours, feel guilty to take a vacation or sick day, live for the evenings and weekends, and retire at age 63 - if you’re lucky. 


I have helped empower families to lead themselves HEALTH AND WELLNESS.  Prevention and staying well is the key, loves. Focus on the prevention. Heal the body from the inside out. 


I have helped mamas stay home with their babies. I’ve seen friends do this more comfortably financially than they were before as nurses, doctors, lawyers, teachers, and heads of companies. 


I have watched families take their control back. Take their homes back. Open their eyes, wake the eff up, and realize they deserve better, their families deserve better, and that THEY CAN DO THIS.  They are smart, and confident, and capable.


I watch people give more than they ever thought possible.  Their time, their money, all without the limitations they thought they had.  This world needs good people.  Good people who use their time and money to heal the world.  Good people doing good things with their money. 


I see the community we’ve grown from a single box of oils - 28,000 families strong - and it still gives me chills and makes me cry tears of gratitude.  I’ve seen the friendships formed, the support given, the people you can’t believe you didn’t know were missing from your life. 


I teach people to dream really big freaking dreams.  Dreams that SCARE you. I teach people to dream some more, because you just keep finding them coming true.


We work. Hard. And with passion and drive and we see the light at the end of the tunnel and go for it. It’s work, but the best kind of work - loving on others, caring for others, cheering them on, lifting them up. Freedom is work every drop of the hard work. EVERY SINGLE MINUTE OF IT. 


So YUP. I run a network marketing business. It’s the best. Ever.


(because I talk business, i have to include this, and you should take a peek, because you’ll probably pee a little.

Young Living Income Disclosure Statement

For reference, we are Royal Crown Diamond, and we have 1,300 Stars, 391 Senior Stars, 232 Executives, 77 Silvers, 26 Golds, 5 Platinums, and 4 Diamonds. On our team alone. And out of 28,000 families just using and loving their oils, about 10% of them run a Young Living business.  Pretty freaking sweet when you look at those numbers. <3 You think only a few people can make money doing this? NO. Liessssss. There is room at the table for everyone. We will save you a seat.)


My fave sight in my kitchen.


Plants + my Berkey. This was my BEST impulse purchase ever. Almost like 2 years ago, I bought it at like 1am on a whim and forgot about it until Amazon delivered it two days later. 
I was surprised. And delighted. 
We filter alllll the water we drink and cook with (chlorine in my water? NOPE. Luckily we don't have fluoride in our water where we live!!) and we just switched over to a filter for our shower too. Literally our skin absorbs everything that touches it. It's our largest organ, and we are so mindful of what we put on it. 
Do yo self a favor, friends. Get a Berkey and filter that water!!!

Oh, and when we travel, I bring Essentia water with us. Most bottled water is no better than your tap. A bottle of lies, I tell ya. (Watch the documentary "Tapped") so after lots of research we settled on Essentia when we are on the go. It's alkaline water and ammmazing. I Amazon Prime a case to our hotel every time we travel.


Why a Berkey? CLICK HERE. 

➕Aquasana Water Filters
We have the shower head filter now (you can use whatever shower head you prefer with it!) and when we move next year we will be getting the whole house system. BUY SHOWER FILTER HERE.


Almond milk makin’ 😍😍 So insanely easy and about a billion times more delish than what you buy at the store. 

almond milk.jpg

It's so easy. I promise. I am lazy AF and even I can do it. 

1 cup organic almonds. Cover with water. Soak for like 12 hours. 
Drain, rinse. 
Throw in Vitamix with 5 cups filtered water (Berkey is my jam), little salt, little cinnamon, agave, maple syrup, honey, vanilla bean, whatever you want.
Strain into a nut milk bag (LOLZ), squeeze, and pour the milk into a container (I love these Weck juice jars!) and drink up!

almond milk 2.jpg


Life is so different now, than it was 3 years ago. I think about it all the time. Every little decision we make impacts our lives in ripples we don’t even see. The choices we make, the times we say “yes” even when we are scared and want to say “no.” The times we just trust that we are doing the right thing, follow our hearts, and jump. Three years ago, life was sweet and we were content. Now, our life is fuller in ways I legitimately never knew was possible.

•Chris can stay home with our family. Chris used to do the typical "leaves before Grey gets up and home right before Grey goes to bed, works long hours and weekends when the boss asks, and has to ask to take a vacation day" corporate work-life. Now, it's working on our YL business, from wherever he wants. At the park, the pool, during naptime, whenever. Empowering other people to do the same while ditching the toxins out of their homes and lives.

•We paid off $60,000 in debt. 😳😳 Three years ago, I pretty much figured we’d die with that debt. Like “oh well the life insurance will pay it off so our kids don’t have to deal with it.” Like how f-ing depressing is that?! 
It’s gone now. Up next is paying off the cars and the house. 🙌🏻

•We get to travel like never before. Last year we did New Orleans, Florida, Honduras, Belize, Utah, Bedford Springs, Ocean City, Nashville, Upstate NY, Palm Springs, and Seaside, FL. 
This year, we’ve done Hawaii (with a 3 year old and 8 week old. We cray 😂 I blogged that ish for you here), Chris went to Dallas, and we leave for Banff, Canada next week, and the Northern Lights Farm. Then it’s Utah, Bedford Springs, Ocean City, Ecuador, and Disney World. 
That's BANANAS. Before Young Living, we went to the beach with Chris' family for a week every summer, and that was it, because that's all we could afford (and it was free! We are SO thankful!) 
Now, we get to plan trips to take OUR families on. 😍 We’ve got so many more ideas on the horizon 😍

•We had our hearts moved to foster care. Our application was approved last year when I was a few months pregnant. We had one sweet baby girl placed with us for a short while, and then took a break while we brought Mila into the world and got adjusted as a family of four. We will start fostering again soon ❤️

* We had the home birth of my dreams. Before YL, we would have had a LOT of trouble affording it. Being able to birth our baby on our terms was such a blessing. And being able to have it documented was even more special. (Blogged about it here <3)

•We are healthier than we've ever been. No 3am trips to CVS. Our old doctor legit doesn't know who we are anymore 😂😂😂 Our new doctor focuses on wellness and prevention, as it should be. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

* We are thisclose to being able to start working on our dream home. we’ve been in our 1,000 sq foot ranch for 10 years and with two dogs, two adults, and two kids...shit is getting tight up in here. 😂😂 we love our home so much, but we are ready for some land, some chickens, a place for the kiddos to run, lots of bedrooms for friends and family to stay with us, and space for our community to grow and connect... dreaming dreaming dreaming. 😍


•Our family is together more than ever. We get to live life NOW. Together, in freedom, doing what we love.


* I’ve gotten to stretch and grow and evolve as a person in a way I never knew. Personal growth is real friends, and so needed. This year I said “yes” to scary things and am speaking at three events. This weekend I’ll be speaking at Empower in Philly about building community in your business, and in June I’ll be speaking (FOUR TIMES😬😬) at the International Grand Convention in Utah on time management to maximize your income. (Owning a hair salon, working full time at the salon, while growing another business, and having an infant must qualify me as someone who knows how to make the most of your 24 hours. 😉) Eek! So fun!!

•We've met the BEST people. This community is like no other. Good people, doing good things, who are awesome AF. Some of our closest friends we met through Young Living and just thinking about not having them in our lives makes me want to cry. I can't imagine it. They were put here, in our path, for a reason. ❤

•We are just getting started!!!!!!!! We have SO MUCH more we want to accomplish. Serving with The Young Living Foundation in Uganda or Nepal is on the radar for next year. Helping more and more of our friends and family and team walk in their own freedom. Snuggling #allllllthebabies. Finding ways to make this world better and safer.

Thankful thankful thankful. ❤️❤️


*because I talked about how freaking awesome our “job” is - I have to put this. - you may wanna sit down tho bc that thing is cray-zay inspiring. And real. Not just for us, but hundreds on our team, and thousands and thousands and thousands in our YL family. There is room for everyone at the table. #youcansitwithus


A homebirth wasn’t on my radar when we decided to start a family. I thought they sounded super cool but it seemed “safer” in a hospital. I knew nothing about birth, other than what I saw on TV. A woman’s water breaks. They rush frantically and instantly to the hospital. She immediately gets an epidural to stop the pain. Doctors rushing around, a woman screaming, laying in her back while people yell “push!” and then some medical “emergency” which causes panic and fear and then doctors save the mama and the baby and all is well.

Ummmmm terrifying. No wonder we are taught to be scared of birth and that it’s a medical emergency, right?!

Before I had Grey, I watched the movie “The Business of Being Born” - it was kind of mind blowing. I learned so much about birth in the US and how it’s very different (not in a good way) from the rest of the world. (Know what the cascade of interventions are and how that affects the outcome of your birth. Be informed. The US ranks dead LAST in the case of maternal health and infant/maternal deaths out of all developed countries. (Click here to read.)
That is horrifying.😭)

Wanna hear something bananas? In the world of hospital births, many practitioners have never seen an entire birth fully from start to finish, and some have never seen any births without monitors or medication.

We decided to use a Midwife for Grey, but in a hospital. I didn’t want an epidural. Not because I was against it (I believe every mama should have the birth SHE wants, whether that is med-free, at home, in a hospital, by yourself, or a c-section. Whatevs. You do you mama! This is YOUR birth ❤️❤️) but because I didn’t want a c-section. Surgery scares me. I was terrified of that possibility. And I knew that once you start with ANY interventions (being in a hospital is where it starts, having an IV, constant fetal monitoring, pitocin, epidural.. look up the term “cascade of interventions”) your chance of c-section increases dramatically. I decided to go med-free. I took hypnobrithing classes. I read books. I learned what my body was supposed to do. How our mind and our thoughts GREATLY influence our bodies. How it all works. We had Grey in six hours from when my water broke to when he was in my arms. It was amazing.

When we got pregnant with Mila, I thought I would do a birth center, or go back to the hospital for another natural birth. But then my friend Logan Randazzo planned to have a homebirth. (And I was like “YOU GO GIRL. I’m not doing that. But GO GUUURL” 😂😂) She had her sweet baby girl, Aspen, in her bathtub. And when she told me all about it it sounded freaking magical. So calm. So relaxing. So chill. So well taken care of, and comfy, in your own home. 
I started reading up on homebirth and we decided to do it. A home birth will very likely be attended by a midwife, an advanced assistant or apprentice midwife and a new student or apprentice. There is a lot midwives learn from study and books but some things can only be learned by attending actual births and they rack up hundreds to thousands.

Guys. It was the most amazing thing I’ve ever done. I had NO IDEA birth could be so calm. Having Mila in our home, being loved on and cared for afterwards by my husband and Mom and a tribe of women, helping me bathe, and then tucking me in my bed and handing me a hot cup of coffee, and telling me to snuggle my baby. Grey watched his baby sister be born. It was so blissful. I documented it on my blog, and Mila’s birth photos and her video there too. 

More GORG homebirth photos here!

Side note:
I am so crazy thankful for OBs and doctors and modern medicine IF birth becomes medical. Which for some women, it absolutely does, and for those doctors we are grateful!

Watch: The Business of Being Born

Then read. My faves:
The Kind Mama
Mama Natural
Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering
Ina May's Guide to Childbirth


“But why do you use Young Living oils? Why not any other brand?”

gorgggg brit pic.jpg

Listen up. I will tell you.

The vast majority of essential oils on the market today are only suitable for cosmetics and perfumes. That’s it folks. I don’t need to smell good, k? That’s a happy side effect 😉 I want my oils to DO ALL THE THINGS. Ya get me? I want them to #werk.

The reason Young Living’s oils are so different is their unmatched commitment to producing a pure, unadulterated oil. Young Living’s devotion to creating a highly therapeutic product means they’ve invested in their own farms, care for and nurture their own plants, trees, and shrubs, and finally distill, test, and bottle the oils that arrive on your doorstep.

We've seen this first hand at their Mona, Utah, and St. Maries, Idaho farms. Today, we spent the day at the Northern Lights farm in Canada, and later this year we will visit the Ecuador farm. Anyone can go visit a YL farm!
DO IT. It will blow your mind.


If at any point in the production process something doesn’t meet their standards, they get rid of it and start again. Because of this, our favorite oils sometimes go out of stock… and we are happy about it!

Because we love getting our oils from a company that doesn’t crank them out quickly in a lab to make a buck, but waits on the plants to grow (no synthetics) and until the batch is perfect.
They accept nothing less.

No other company owns farms or distilleries. Repeat. NONE. 
Mic drop.

Let me give you an example of how important it is for a company to know the right time of day to harvest the plant and exactly how long to distill the plant to produce the chemical compounds the plant contains that is therapeutic to our bodies.

CYPRESS ESSENTIAL OIL: which has 280 known chemical constituents.
* If it is distilled for 20 hours you only get 20 properties.
* If distilled for 26 hours you get NONE of the properties. 
* Most market cypress is distilled for 3.5 hours. 
* The correct length of time for distilling cypress is 24 hours to get the full 280 properties. 
If you want Cypress to do the job it is intended to do, you MUST get ALL 280 constituents, no more, no less. Most people do not realize essential oils have chemical properties in them and in order to get the full benefit out of that particular oil it has to be grown, harvested, and distilled the correct way or the oil contains no benefit to us.
MIC DROP. Again.

This is called Young Living’s Seed to Seal process. And it is unmatched. Every step from planting to bottling is detailed and controlled. And I’ve seen it first hand. And so can you.

But Young Living is more expensive, right? You’re right, often times it is and “you get what you pay for” has never been more true. Young Living is more expensive than other brands and oils you can find at Whole Foods or on Amazon because of its therapeutic grade. An ever-growing number of marketers have jumped on the essential oils bandwagon looking for an easy way to make a lot of money. Most of these oils are cheap imitations, purchased wholesale in large quantities, diluted with synthetic additives, and rebottled before being sold to you.

That’s not okay for us. We want the best for our babies and ourselves and we don’t want to “save money” short-term only to spend more long-term because we used something that didn’t do what it was supposed to or even harmed us.

Some of the other companies may claim that their oils are organic. Unfortunately, the term “organic” is not regulated by the FDA in regards to essential oils. They do not certify or grade essential oils so any oil you see making those claims is simply using the word. They did not have to do anything to earn it.

I’ve talked to the farmers, the workers. I know that they use our own oils as pest control. I know that they practice sustainable and fair farming methods. I know they treat their employees like family. I know they practice transparency. They make a mistake? They own it and then pave the way for new standards no one else has. I know they have a mission to provide for those who need it. I’ve seen it. Over and over again.

If you cannot walk onto your oil company's farms and watch them distill their oils at their very own distilleries, then don't use it. There’s a reason Young Living is the world leader, and has been, for 24 years. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

Follow our adventures over at @anniehauserc
on IG❤️



Um hi. In what world is getting diapers delivered to your door this exciting. This packaging. This print. The softness. And good for our mama earth. Parasol Co - you did good.


Mamas. Let’s talk diapers and wipes and teeny squishy baby bums. 
We all love our babies and want the best for them. And we also want them to not pee and poop all over us all day, so clearly, they need those tushies covered. 

So, our skin is the largest organ of our body and absorbs
Which means that the diapers that we use are literally sitting on that skin, 24/7, 365, for 1.5-3ish years. 
Every single day. Every hour of the day. For years. 
That freaked me the F out when I had Grey. 

We used Honest diapers and wipes when I had Grey and looovvedddd them. But by the time we had Mila, the diapers and wipes from Honest had gone down the tube and totally sucked. The quality seriously went down and I was so bummed because we really did love them. 


Most other non toxic diapers we tried were crunchy and stiff, and also, not so “crunchy” in ingredients once I looked into them. 

The conventional ones they give you in hospitals and in regular baby stores are soft but so laden with toxins that have no business being in my babe’s skin all day every day. 

The fact is that there are several potentially harmful chemicals that are known to be present in some disposable diapers, including chlorine, dyes, fragrances, phthalates, dioxins, and more. 

When you see ‘fragrance’ on a personal care product's label, just read it as ‘hidden chemicals.’ Why should you care?
This is a major loophole in the FDA's federal law that allows manufacturers to include nearly ANY ingredient (even toxic ones) in their products under the name ‘fragrance’ - gross and deceptive.

The problem with diapers, is most companies won’t list what’s in there. 
If they don't say it's not in there, then assume it's in there.
So, I look for diapers that list what is NOT in them. If your diaper doesn’t say that they are free from these harmful chemicals, just assume they are in there. 🙄 


Okay so here are my two faves for Mila this time around. 

Parasol and Andy Pandy😍😍

These diapers are legit amazing, ridiculously soft, toxin free, and super adorbs. 
They are hypoallergenic and free of heavy metals, lead, latex, and fragrance, chlorine.
They have super cute patterns too! They run a little small, so I size up for Mila. We do the monthly bundle of diapers only. (Their wipes are good, but I am super picky about wipes and use YL Seedlings instead)

Andy Pandy:
So freaking super soft and made from
Bamboo. They are naturally hypoallergenic and antibacterial, perffff for sensitive skin. They feel almost like silk (really!) and there are no chlorine, preservatives, phthlates, latex, pvc, or fragrances. They also have a wetness indicator line too, if you dig that. These fit Mila a little better than Parasol, and we use them for overnight too! 
I Amazon Prime these to hotels when we travel 😍 

We use the Young Living Seedling wipes! I used to use Honest and loved them, but again, they changed them and now they suck. Water wipes I’ve used in a pinch but I cannot STAND the feel of them. They literally make my skin crawl lol. Parasol were fine, but Seedlings have won my baby-poop wiping heart 😍😍😂😂 

They don’t contain chlorine, alcohol, sulfates, parabens, phthalates, mineral oil, animal-derived ingredients, synthetic preservatives, synthetic fragrances, or synthetic dyes. 🙌🏻 Peace. Of. Mind. 
They are thick and soft and amazing. 
They have essential oils (duh) to soothe, nourish, and calm. I order them every month in my wellness box and save 24% plus get 25% back AND don’t have to leave my house to buy them so it’s a total win for me. 😂😂🙌🏻🙌🏻 Grab your own here <3


I hope this helps some of my mama friends out there who want to #knowbetterdobetter!



So recently we went to Hawaii with both Grey and Mila. A 3-year old and an 8 week old. People thought we were CRAY-ZAY. I mean, we kinda are. But, I love traveling, have always loved traveling, and never wanted the fact that we had kids to be a reason not to travel. In fact, to me, it’s a reason to travel MORE. When I was young, my parents took me so many cool places. I still remember those trips, and the ones I don’t, I see photos and OH MY GOSH I know I had so much fun. Anyyyways, people ask me all the time how we traveled with two small kids (Hint! Bring your super loving and patient and sweet mama to help you!) and while there are plenty of people who do it with more kids, and way better than me, here are some of my tips that helped us not only survive it, but also have so. much. fun.


wear all the babies.

Okay, so really. If you don’t baby wear yet, you gotta start. Having your hands free while still snuggling your babies close to you is so helpful while going through airports, on planes, shopping, and playing with your older kids if you’ve got them. There are tons of different types, so you’ll have to experiment to see what you and your baby like best. When we went to Hawaii, I brought a Solly wrap, and wore Mila a TON. Through the airport, on the plane when she wanted to sleep, out to eat, pretty much anytime we went somewhere. The Solly puts her to sleep almost instantly, my hands are free, and I know she will just chill.


  • My absolute fave ever are Solly baby wraps. They are thinner and stretchier than a Moby. So easy to wrap on, and then just pop babe in and out as needed. I used ours from newborn until Grey was almost 18 months ;) Prettty sure he was past the weight limit of 25lbs but I didn’t even care. 
  • We also have a few ring slings from Sakura Bloom and Wildbird. I am still getting used to these but tons of mamas LOVE them. I used mine more when Grey was old enough to hold sitting on my hip, and it was super easy for a quick up and down. Like, if we randomly stopped at a store and I hadn’t pre-wrapped the Solly. Grabbed the ring sling, and we were in and out! 
  • I have a Tula that I used when we took Grey to Disney when he was 2 1/2.  It is awesome for bigger kids! Some mamas love them for the younger ages, but they are wayyyyy too bulky and “about to go on a hike with my child in a backpack” for me.
  • I recently got a Sakura Bloom Scout - which is the same idea as a Tula, but with thin linen and leather straps. It’s a lot less bulky, super easy to put on, and so beautiful. I just started using it here and there with Mila, but I think this will be one that Chris uses most, and maybe I use when she is older.

pack lightly and be intentional. 

  • I HATE bulky diaper bags. Like hate so much. So I am super intentional with what we pack when we travel. The diaper bags I use are from Fawn Design and Freshly Picked.  They are both similar in style and don’t look like a diaper bag AT ALL.  Chris can use either, and they both are backpacks or regular shoulder strap style. TONS of pockets and roomy interior. I am OBSESSED with them.




  • He had his own backpack, the only thing from this list I put in my carry-on bag was the change of clothes and blanket
  • Change of clothes (leggings, undies, t-shirt), iPad loaded with new Peppa Pig and Daniel Tiger episodes, a few movies, and we also downloaded the YouTube Kids app, kid headphones, thin blanket, his stuffed owl, snack bag (pretzels, larabars, applesauce pouches, and crap ton of little toys from Amazon.  This magnetic board was a hit, this little thing was cool for tracing letters, and Melissa and Doug sets are always amazing.

learn from my bottle mistake!
We use Avent glass bottles. Guys, they are sooo much easier to keep clean and so much safer for our littles. They don’t break easily and aren’t that much heavier! But, when we travel, I buy plastic ones because they are easier to pack. So the whole time we were on the NINE HOUR FLIGHT TO HAWAII, I’d feed Mila and literally the milk was pouring out of her mouth. Like soaking her, the bibs, it was a MESS.  I had to start shoving the rough paper towels from the airplane bathroom under her chin each feed because I didn't have any bibs left that weren't soaking wet. I couldn’t figure out why she was spitting out literally half her bottles. Well. I finally realized the nipples on the new bottles were a size FOUR. Basically for a 6+ month old. She was 8 weeks and using a size 1 at home - she literally couldn’t keep up with the liquid pouring into her mouth. I felt horrible! We had to drive 45 minutes to a Target once we landed to buy new nipples. Then back again the next day because I still didn’t get the right size. I’m an idiot. So let me make that mistake for you. Check the nipple sizes when buy new bottles. 

support your bodies!

Staying healthy is our jam year-round, but especially right now with a new baby.
While traveling, both Chris and I start taking Inner Defense capsules twice a day a few days before we leave, while we are away, and for a few days after we get home. We all (Grey included) up our vitamin C and vitamin D.  I bring our Thieves rollers on the plane, and we roll our feet and spines a few times a day. I roll some on Grey's stuffed owl while he sleeps on the plane. Mila gets Frankincense. I wipe down the plane seats, armrests, and tray tables with Thieves Spray and baby wipes. We use Thieves Hand Purifier ALLTHETIME. If you still aren't a Young Living member, you can grab your oils, Thieves stuff, and baby stuff here

Some other things we do to support our wellness:
- elderberry syrup (recipe here!)
- vitamin c (Super C, the chewables)
- good probiotics (we use Life 9)
- lots of greens! (smoothies, juices, salads)
- integrative medicine doctor (Dr. Julia at BCIM sees the whole fam. we LOVE HER.)
- essential oils
- chiropractor visits (we see Dr. Tara at Hatboro Family Wellness)
- lots of hand washing (NO anti-bacterial soap! no no no.)
- whole foods
- being mindful of what you put on your body and in your body.
- bone broth!! just made a big batch ❤ and so easy to make, even for me, who is lazy AF in the kitchen. We try and drink a little each day. 


Bring. Your. Carseats.
If your babe is under two, and it’s a flight longer than 2 hours, pay the extra money and bring the damn car seat. I swear it’s worth every penny. They know they can’t get up, they are used to it, and they know how to sleep in it. Obviously it’s the absolute safest for them too. But it’s also for your sanity. They will be happier. Everything will go smoother. Just trust me, k.
I love Maxi Cosi carseats.  Here is the link to Grey's convertible carseat (FYI he is still rear facing in the car at nearly 4 years old! We will keep both kids rear facing until they max out the car seat's height or weight, whichever comes first.) and here is the link to Mila's infant seat. Here’s a link to the carseat cart we use! You attach the seat, and can roll it through the airport like luggage WHILE YOUR KID SITS IN IT!!!! Genius. We’ve also used this harness seatbelt for the plane a few times, but honestly it’s still easier to bring the car seat on the plane. Here are the stroller and carseat covers we use if you do gate check. 


  • Dockatot - we didn’t have this magical invention with Grey, but with Mila I’d heard how fab they were. I LOVE ours. When she was a newborn I put it in between Chris and I on the bed and she slept in it for three weeks. After three weeks, she went into her room in her crib, with the DockaTot. It’s great because you can travel with it, and they have their “bed” anywhere you go.
  • Bring everything from home. We use the love to dream sleep sacks with Mila. Girlfriend needs her arms by her face! We also bring her sound machine, a video monitor, and both the kid's sleepy oils and diffusers. We use Sleepyize, Frankincense, Lavender, Gentle Baby, Peace + Calming, Cedarwood, just to name a few. 
  • We bring a few tablets of Immupro cut into quarters for when we travel too. It's an immune support supplement with wolfberries and a teeny bit of melatonin.  We give Grey 1/4 or a 1/2 a tablet when we travel if he needs help winding down, and I love that it supports a healthy immune system too. Because ya know, airplanes. Gross. 
  • Mila doesn’t wake up to eat in the middle of the night anymore, but when she did, we bottle prepped at night. Makes it SO much easier. We prefill the bottles with water (filtered from the Berkey!), and pre measure the formula into containers. Then you just dump it in, shake, and go. Both my kids always drank room temp bottles. No heating it up. Again  so much easier and they don’t know the difference if you start it from the beginning.


  • People ask me all the time how my kids sleep twelve hours so early on, and the answer is Babywise and oils. Babywise is a book that focuses on healthy sleep habits. I truly believe that so many of the emotional and behavioral issues that kiddos have are lack of sleep. Sleep is integral for proper brain development, and kid's just don't know what's best for them when it comes to bedtimes. It takes us, as parents, guiding them and teaching them healthy habits.

    It focuses on an eat, play, sleep cycle. Meaning baby wakes up, eats while they have lots of energy and are hungry - so they get a nice full belly. Then they have their awake time or play time depending on the age, and that tires them out... so then they are tired and have an easier time falling asleep. (Without the need to ONLY fall asleep while eating. And when they’ve fallen asleep while eating, typically they only had a little “snack” so they wake up faster because they are hungry faster! Nice full bellies = longer sleep stretches) 
    We also don’t let her go more than 2.5-3 hours without eating during the day. We wake her to eat if she’s still asleep. Focusing on a full belly, at regular times. Then she does her longer stretches at night, instead of during the day. We did this with Grey too and it was a godsend.  We have never had to do "cry it out" with either of our babies.  Bedtimes are easier, naptimes are easier, and they are well-rested and happy and snuggled and loved.  

rent all the things.

  • Rent a stroller! we made a big mistake here when we went to Hawaii! We’ve always rented a stroller when we get to our travel location. There are companies who drop them off to the house or hotel you are staying in. Do this. Always. It’s the best!!!
    (You can rent all sorts of stuff! Baby gates, cribs, swings, bed rails, anyyyything) okay BUT here was my mistake. I brought our stroller to Hawaii because I wanted to use it in the airport since we had so much stuff. I figured I’d gate check it. Ummmm except the stroller I have (babyjogger city select) apparently isn’t allowed to be gatechecked. I’m pretty sure I just had a stickler for the rules TSA person though. Anyways. Had to check the stroller, so it was a huge waste of energy and time. I should have rented. Lesson learned. 

amazon prime stuff to the hotel.

  • water bottles (we drink Essentia Alkaline water when we travel), diapers, snacks!
  • Bring a Thieves Cleaner travel packet, small spray bottle, Thieves Dish Soap, and an empty Thieves Hand Soap bottle. Don’t add water to the Thieves Cleaner and Hand Soap, and then when you get to your destination, put half the packet of the Thieves Cleaner in the spray bottle and fill with water.  Put the other half in the foaming hand soap container and fill with water. DONE. Now you don't have to use the gross, fragrance and toxin-filled stuff at the hotel or rental. 

chill the eff out.

  • You have to just roll with it when you travel. We don’t throw the schedule out the window by any means, but we are much more flexible. If that is making you cringe, I get it. I am a “schedule” mama too, and both my kids do better with routine. We keep the routines but also know that it’s OKAY to let loose a little and adapt as needed. The beauty of being such a scheduler to begin with, is when you travel and get off routine, everyone adjusts sooo much easier when you get home and hop back into the usual. Just breathe, lower your parenting standards a bit, and apply your White Angelica. 


Phoenicia, New York  // Graham & Co.  //  Farm Sanctuary in Woodstock

Disney World  // The Polynesian

Seaside, Florida

New Orleans

Ocean City, New Jersey

Beach hotel overnight trip when Grey was 6 weeks. Why? Why not? :)

Brooklyn, NYC


Hey hey friends! Here are some quick facts about me: 
➕ my name is annie.


➕ i love coffee and babywearing and winged eyeliner.
➕ i co-own a salon in mt. airy (Culture Hair Studio)
➕i have a hubby (Chris Hauser), a 3.5 year old boy (grey), an 11 week old baby girl (mila), two doggies (luca is a golden and sakura is a shiba inu)
➕ we are passionate about travel, foster care, and natural living
➕ if you told me 3.5 years ago I’d be running an 18 million dollar+ a year business out of my house (legally. no walter white ish😂😂😂), usually in my bed or on my couch or at the park with my kids, regularly pantless, with my husband home full time from his corporate job he hated, making more money in a month than he used to make in a year, leading a community of over 23,000 families to a way of more natural and empowered living - I’d have LAUGHED IN YOUR FREAKING FACE.
➕ i’d have first said “that sounds sketch AF.” 
then i’d have said “wait is this one of those network marketing pyramid schemes?” 
then i’d have said “yeah no way in haaaaale am I stalking my friends to buy stuff from me” <insert eye roll>
sound perhaps like what is running through your head? 😂
➕ i’m gonna do something that makes me want to pee my pants a little and share our story. 
- how we started with oils
- how we started a business based on authenticity and a genuine desire to teach and educate and take people on a journey WITH us
- what crazy amazing things it’s done for our family

also, i have to share this whenever I talk about how f-ing awesome our job is. rules. 🙄😜