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Something I think about every day, as much as I can. I am so grateful for this life, this family. 
Grateful my baby has his grandparents around to love on him, and soon on baby girl too. Grateful he loves spending days at their houses, so Chris and I can go travel without stress or fear. Grateful our parents love being with our baby (and furry babies too 😜😜) and will happily take him. 
Grateful my hubs isn’t bound by a specific number of vacation days, set by a boss and a contract. 
Grateful for the flexibility in our lives. 
Grateful for our company, who values family. We were supposed to be on an all expenses paid trip to Ecuador today, but I decided a few months ago I didn’t feel comfortable going this far along in my pregnancy. Grateful for a company that says “No problem. You’ll go next year instead.” (Totally having FOMO seeing everyone’s pics tho 😜)
Grateful that after I made that decision, I was able to book us a babymoon to Palm Springs. Because mama needs a little vacay before baby girl comes and rocks our world in the best way. 
Grateful for friends who support us and cherish us and love us no matter what. 
Grateful for a business partner who shares the same dream of freedom and happiness for everyone, in both our businesses, equally. 
Grateful for family who have supported decisions I’ve made even when they thought I was crazy. 
Grateful that I can now go to sleep even though it’s only 7pm in Cali bc holy shit am I exhausted. Almost fell asleep in my sushi and coconut water. 😂😂