Lots of things we do now, that are so normal, seemed straight up CRAZY to me a few years ago. This is my list of things I said “HALLLLLSSSS NO” to at some point. In fact, for a few of these things, I thought people who did them were straight up idiots. Or weirdos.


Moral of the story? You never know! Next time you hear of someone doing something you think is so strange, ask them about it! They may have been just like you at some point, and then (gasp!) changed their mind!! I try to give myself grace and laugh when I say “never would I EVERRRRR” and then find myself doing exactly that.

- Homebirth
- Taking pills made from my placenta (both kiddos!)
- Ditch my beloved pumpkin scented candles
- Formula feed (always said I would breastfeed. Was super judgy about it. Before i tried it. And it gave me the worst anxiety. And decided a happy mom makes a happy baby. We do goat’s milk formula for this little love)
- But also happily take donor milk from my besties (ali 😍😍)
- Co-sleep (we actually don’t. We only co-sleep the first week or two, then they go next to the bed, then in their rooms in cribs. But the fact that we co-sleep at ALL is hilarious to me because I LOVE my own space) 
- No epidural (def used to think I’d be all “give me ALL THE DRUGS”)
- Using essential oils (“why would people rub smelly stuff all over them????”
- Ditch the mainstream extra strength antiperspirant (“but people who wear natural deodorant SMELL!!” - only for a few weeks while they detox at least 😂😂😂😂) 
- Skip a vaccine ... a bunch .. or them all. (“Those people are psychotics who will bring back the plague! They must hate their children! Idiots.”) 
- Drink Kombucha
- Join a network marketing company (“no one makes a living from those pyramid schemes where you have to stalk your friends. Gross. I have a real job.”) 
- Foster care
- Own a juicer. 
- Join a group dedicated to detoxing from parasites. (Don’t ask unless you’re prepared to spend hours upon hours with your eyes like this 😳😳😳 trying to un-know things you’ve learned about zappers and coffee enemas and detoxes, all while ordering them at 2am)
- Bribe Grey with food. (Now I’m all, “if you pee before we leave the house I’ll buy you a cookie.”)


Think some of these are cray? So did I 😉

So, now I wanna know. What did you say you’d NEVER do - that you have since changed your mind on? 😍😍👊🏻👊🏻