My fave sight in my kitchen.


Plants + my Berkey. This was my BEST impulse purchase ever. Almost like 2 years ago, I bought it at like 1am on a whim and forgot about it until Amazon delivered it two days later. 
I was surprised. And delighted. 
We filter alllll the water we drink and cook with (chlorine in my water? NOPE. Luckily we don't have fluoride in our water where we live!!) and we just switched over to a filter for our shower too. Literally our skin absorbs everything that touches it. It's our largest organ, and we are so mindful of what we put on it. 
Do yo self a favor, friends. Get a Berkey and filter that water!!!

Oh, and when we travel, I bring Essentia water with us. Most bottled water is no better than your tap. A bottle of lies, I tell ya. (Watch the documentary "Tapped") so after lots of research we settled on Essentia when we are on the go. It's alkaline water and ammmazing. I Amazon Prime a case to our hotel every time we travel.


Why a Berkey? CLICK HERE. 

➕Aquasana Water Filters
We have the shower head filter now (you can use whatever shower head you prefer with it!) and when we move next year we will be getting the whole house system. BUY SHOWER FILTER HERE.