Life is so different now, than it was 3 years ago. I think about it all the time. Every little decision we make impacts our lives in ripples we don’t even see. The choices we make, the times we say “yes” even when we are scared and want to say “no.” The times we just trust that we are doing the right thing, follow our hearts, and jump. Three years ago, life was sweet and we were content. Now, our life is fuller in ways I legitimately never knew was possible.

•Chris can stay home with our family. Chris used to do the typical "leaves before Grey gets up and home right before Grey goes to bed, works long hours and weekends when the boss asks, and has to ask to take a vacation day" corporate work-life. Now, it's working on our YL business, from wherever he wants. At the park, the pool, during naptime, whenever. Empowering other people to do the same while ditching the toxins out of their homes and lives.

•We paid off $60,000 in debt. 😳😳 Three years ago, I pretty much figured we’d die with that debt. Like “oh well the life insurance will pay it off so our kids don’t have to deal with it.” Like how f-ing depressing is that?! 
It’s gone now. Up next is paying off the cars and the house. 🙌🏻

•We get to travel like never before. Last year we did New Orleans, Florida, Honduras, Belize, Utah, Bedford Springs, Ocean City, Nashville, Upstate NY, Palm Springs, and Seaside, FL. 
This year, we’ve done Hawaii (with a 3 year old and 8 week old. We cray 😂 I blogged that ish for you here), Chris went to Dallas, and we leave for Banff, Canada next week, and the Northern Lights Farm. Then it’s Utah, Bedford Springs, Ocean City, Ecuador, and Disney World. 
That's BANANAS. Before Young Living, we went to the beach with Chris' family for a week every summer, and that was it, because that's all we could afford (and it was free! We are SO thankful!) 
Now, we get to plan trips to take OUR families on. 😍 We’ve got so many more ideas on the horizon 😍

•We had our hearts moved to foster care. Our application was approved last year when I was a few months pregnant. We had one sweet baby girl placed with us for a short while, and then took a break while we brought Mila into the world and got adjusted as a family of four. We will start fostering again soon ❤️

* We had the home birth of my dreams. Before YL, we would have had a LOT of trouble affording it. Being able to birth our baby on our terms was such a blessing. And being able to have it documented was even more special. (Blogged about it here <3)

•We are healthier than we've ever been. No 3am trips to CVS. Our old doctor legit doesn't know who we are anymore 😂😂😂 Our new doctor focuses on wellness and prevention, as it should be. 🙌🏻🙌🏻

* We are thisclose to being able to start working on our dream home. we’ve been in our 1,000 sq foot ranch for 10 years and with two dogs, two adults, and two kids...shit is getting tight up in here. 😂😂 we love our home so much, but we are ready for some land, some chickens, a place for the kiddos to run, lots of bedrooms for friends and family to stay with us, and space for our community to grow and connect... dreaming dreaming dreaming. 😍


•Our family is together more than ever. We get to live life NOW. Together, in freedom, doing what we love.


* I’ve gotten to stretch and grow and evolve as a person in a way I never knew. Personal growth is real friends, and so needed. This year I said “yes” to scary things and am speaking at three events. This weekend I’ll be speaking at Empower in Philly about building community in your business, and in June I’ll be speaking (FOUR TIMES😬😬) at the International Grand Convention in Utah on time management to maximize your income. (Owning a hair salon, working full time at the salon, while growing another business, and having an infant must qualify me as someone who knows how to make the most of your 24 hours. 😉) Eek! So fun!!

•We've met the BEST people. This community is like no other. Good people, doing good things, who are awesome AF. Some of our closest friends we met through Young Living and just thinking about not having them in our lives makes me want to cry. I can't imagine it. They were put here, in our path, for a reason. ❤

•We are just getting started!!!!!!!! We have SO MUCH more we want to accomplish. Serving with The Young Living Foundation in Uganda or Nepal is on the radar for next year. Helping more and more of our friends and family and team walk in their own freedom. Snuggling #allllllthebabies. Finding ways to make this world better and safer.

Thankful thankful thankful. ❤️❤️


*because I talked about how freaking awesome our “job” is - I have to put this. - you may wanna sit down tho bc that thing is cray-zay inspiring. And real. Not just for us, but hundreds on our team, and thousands and thousands and thousands in our YL family. There is room for everyone at the table. #youcansitwithus