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// One of my fave books for pregnancy + kids //

Gentle Babies by Debra Raybern is a great source for pregnancy and new moms.

// Here is an amazing video from pharmacist Lindsey Elmore on oils + supplements while pregnant and nursing //

// Here is another by Heather Brock on personal autonomy while pregnant //

// Can I take/use ____ while pregnant? //

While there has never been a confirmed case of harm/spontaneous abortion/death attributed to the use of essential oils in pregnancy (of any brand), this is YOUR pregnancy, and YOUR body. We can’t tell you what is safe and what isn’t. You’ll find lots of research and testimonials here. You’ll need to make the decision to use certain oils yourself.

// Can I take/use ____ while nursing? //

What ingredient gives you concern?

Research at least 3 different resources that are not webmd. Personal autonomy and responsibility always lies with parents. Ask questions.

You’ll see lots of mamas in here who have taken nearly all YL supplements, but you need to read up on the ingredients list and decide yourself.

For some women, peppermint, jasmine, and can decrease supply. For other women, it’s not an issue. It’s your body, so you’ll need to do what you’re comfortable with! ❤


// My Personal Faves //

*what I use may not be what you are comfortable using. Make your own decisions 🙂

Here is a whole blog I did on pregnancy, labor, birth, post partum, and newborn life.

Oh my gosh, having oils during this pregnancy has been a DREAM! Remember, this is a guide, and YOU are in charge of your body. Only you. I've listed some amazing resources below, and I'll share what I have been doing during my pregnancy.

Prenatal Vitamins: People always ask me what I use as a prenatal. I take Master Formula, Super B, and drink Ningxia religiously. I also take MultiGreens, Mineral Essence (tastes icky but is CRUCIAL for our bodies. We are missing so many important minerals in our diets. Helps with all over health, and also sleep!!! Which is hard to come by when pregnant;)) I prefer to take what MY body needs, as opposed to a standard "one-size-fits-all" prenatal vitamin. I love being able to customize for my needs. I also continued using Progessence Plus through my first trimester to keep my progesterone levels high. Low progesterone can be a cause for miscarriage so I wanted to give my body all the extra support I could.

Here are some pregnancy tips for nausea and morning sickness and alllllll day sickness from a collective group of mamas:

- Progessence Plus though the 1st trimester

- Inhale Aromaease or Peppermint

- Tangerine inhaled and on wrists (photosensitive - careful with sun exposure)

- 2-3 drops Peppermint Vitality in a capsule

- 1 drop Peppermint Vitality and/or Lemon Vitality in a glass of water

- Ningxia Red

- Tummygize on belly

- Ginger Vitality in water

- PD80/20 - Super B - MegaCal, Essentialzymes

- Alkalime

- Juvaflex on feet

- Drop of lemon on clavicle/breastbone (photosensitive, careful with sun exposure)

- These peach leaves made into tea:

As always - YOU are in control of your body. We are not doctors, these are remedies lots of miserable and nauseous pregnant women have found helpful. You should always do your own research and decide to do what you're comfortable with.

Ningxia Red | Crazy high in antioxidants, great for energy, and a rush of nutrients for you and your growing baby.

*Avoid peppermint directly on the belly during the third trimester as it can cause the baby to turn.

My heart is a burrrrnin' with love for this new baby! | Lemon, Gentle Baby

- Dilute Gentle baby and rub along your neck

- Dilute Lemon on your breastbone

Stretch Mark Soother | 1/2c. coconut oil mixed with 15 drops Frankincense and 15 drops Lavender

Sleep | Lavender, Peace + Calming II, Frankincense, Stress Away

- Diffuse any combination of the oils above

- Drop of lavender on your wrists and collarbone

- Drop of any of the oils above on the bottoms of your feet

I personally use almost all oils during my pregnancy. I got a Raindrop Massage in my 1st trimester and had the practitioner skip Wintergreen and Basil. It was ammmmazing. I am personally comfortable using Deep Relief - it has a small amount of wintergreen in it, and I am comfortable with that. In my research, I couldn't find a SINGLE case of essential oils causing an issue with baby. You need to do your own research.

❤ Some moms feel more comfortable sticking to the basics during pregnancy, and that's WONDERFUL too. You are the keeper of your body