Hello there! My name is Caleigh, and I’m married to my best friend, Jesse, and we have an adorable 9 month old Shih-poo named Ryker! We are a dual military couple & we love binging shows together, going on random road trips, and playing with our puppy.

I got my first starter kit in November of 2017 & I have been obsessed ever since. At first it started off as a way to make my barracks room smell nice since we couldn’t use candles (fire hazard, PLUS candles are SO bad for you!), but now my entire lifestyle has been changed. That’s so cliche to say, I know. Really though, the more I thought about how crappy I felt constantly & how the LACK of education some how made toxic products “okay” for my family to use was wild. If there was a way for me to feel better & more like myself on a normal basis, I was for it.

Now my husband and I only go to the doctor for our annual check ups (per the military), we have no fears about our 10-pound puppy licking the floor as we mop, and we know we can control what we come into contact with in our own home.

We can’t wait for you to join us on this wellness journey!