I’m a proud mama to my baby girl Raelyn and my four legged son Ziggy.  I am also the partner to a gentle soul Vimean, we lives right outside of Philly but grew up in the city. I was born in Hong Kong and is a lab scientist specialist in Transfusion Medicine by trade. Skin care and make ups have always been my passion since I was a little girl.  I love to help others to find their true natural beauty inside and out. We found YL when life threw us a curve ball.  Soon after we started using our oils, we noticed we slept better and feel better.  I would have never thought a few little bottles of plant juice could keep me sane and make me feel beautiful inside and out.   It’s a huge bonus that my skin has been better than it’s ever been. Ever since being blessed with a babygirl, I am more adamant in creating a positive environment for her. I want my baby to know that she is beautiful no matter what anyone say.  I’m grateful to have been introduced to Young Living.  It have changed our lives more than we can ever imagine. I believe everyone can feel beautiful inside and out no matter what stage in life you are going through. We are all beautiful in our own ways. And you, my friends, are all beautiful. ️<3