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Hi! I’m Cecile Leana and my husband Brett & I live in San Jose with our kitties and we LOVE this oily life!

We fell into it in October of 2017 Because drinking multiple glasses of wine after work every day is frowned upon. Yes really that’s how we started, and I knew it wasn’t good for me too. Also because breaking down in tears at work wasn’t good either. If you’re picking up what I’m putting down we grabbed our oils because of work stress.

What I didn’t realized when I grabbed those 11 bottles and 2 packets of Ningxia is how much they were going to change the course of our life and set us on a path for total body wellness.

So why oils this week, or this month? It’s always changing because they can do #allthetings they can support your body, flavor your food, help with wellness, make you house smell great and get the gooey residue off your new picture frame. What else can they do? Well they can help you boot #allthetoxins from your homes too. Because in life there are very few things you can actually control, but what I’ve done since we’ve joined this oily life was I took the control back from big chemical, and into my hands so I know that everything I’m using is safe for my family, fur kids included. I now have this big, audacious dream of helping everyone I care about kick big chemical out of their homes to live a healthy an empowered life. If you’re ready to get started let’s chat and craft the start of YOUR oily life!