Holas! I’m Courtney! - Blessed mama to a creative little girl and a sweet baby boy. I loooove dancing (although it’s mostly in my kitchen instead of Latin night in the club these days), wellness, teaching and empowering people. After years of teaching music in a school of 1400 kids while having my own daughter in preschool, I finally got fed up with constantly battling all of the germs and feeling like we were on the losing team every.single.year. I reached out to my friend for help who used Young Living. Our immune systems stayed strong and sick visits to the doc became old news. It quickly snowballed into my daughter being able to go to the bathroom regularly, better sleep, stress management, and the list just keeps going! Mind. Blown. over and over again. We’ve been so EMPOWERED by it that I couldn’t stop talking to friends and family about the oils and getting toxic products out of our home. Sharing the oils and teaching felt like my duty. How could I keep something so life changing to myself?! Pretty soon I found myself growing as a person and completely in love with this beautiful community - this oily family. I can’t wait to be on this journey with you.