I started using YL essential oils in the fall of 2018 & immediately fell in love with them! I only need a few drops of the oil I’m using, and boom, magic! I share my love of YLEO with everyone I meet. Literally. I carry a huge bag of oils around with me everywhere I go because “there’s an oil for that.” My purse probably weighs like 50 lbs, lol. I work as a nurse in an educational setting, so I have a diffuser on my desk and my students always ask me, “what do you have in there today Ms. McBride?! It smells so good in here!” My family is always asking for rollers and my Dad loves his peppermint! My niece tells me, “Aunt Didi, you always smell so good!” Thanks YLEO for keeping from smelling bad :-) I have diffusers in every room of my house, next to my bed and my car. I can clean with Thieves cleaner (which smells heavenly) without worrying about chemicals harming my pets or family. The quality of YLEO supersedes the quality of all the other brands I have used in the past. YLEO offers a seed to seal promise, which is one of the reasons I trust them. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me. I hope to share my love of YLEO with you!