hi, i'm ellie. i'm 30 years old, married to the sweetest man i know (my jesse), and together we have a daughter, our precious eleanor. we love animals, low key nights at home eating sushi and watching the nerdiest shows on netflix, and are fiercely passionate about living the life we have here on this earth empowered and on our own terms.

i'm honestly just a girl with an entrepreneurial spirit who is passionate about knowing better so that i can do better. i'm a research junkie and love sharing what i learn and that intensified when i became a mother. before young living, i now realize that i felt alone, overwhelmed, i ached for community, and i often felt like i wasn't in control of my own life. that started to really hurt when it felt like i couldn't help my husband be more in control of his emotions, and the thought that we would fail our precious daughter was terrifying. after using oils for a couple of weeks, we started to emerge from a dark place we didn't even realize we were in and the rest is history.

jesse and i now feel healthy, knowledgeable, empowered, and confident in our roles on this earth and we are firm believers that it's because oils play such a critical role in our mental and emotional wellness, as well as in supporting our body to operate at it's best. we are excited to continue bringing wellness and control back into the lives of our loved ones, and envision a future where mother nature is always considered humans' first line of defense.