Hiiii! I'm Emily. Stay at home mom of one sweet girl. I think it's safe to say I'm pretty obsessed with living as healthy + plant based as possible for my family, myself + allllll of those who leave a footprint in my life! I'm super dedicated to learning about all things to promote + support overall wellness. I absolutely love sharing and educating on how to live as well as possible. I started using oils during my first pregnancy and haven't been able to stop because well, let's be honest we all NEED them in one way or another! First started with myself, then my lover, my babe, dogs, family, friends + BAM we had a straight oily crew for life (animals & people!) The best part? It's not just oils. It's the community, the products beyond oils to keep our household toxic chemical free. The growth as an individual and life changing vibes + feelings I get to share with everyone under the same sun. I hope you're just as pumped as I was (and still am) to jump into this lifestyle!