I’m Emma. Twenty-something. Philly native. Enneagram 9 wing 8. 

Lover of: warm, doughy foods; cold riesling; photographing my cats as if they are models; snuggling babies (follow me on my journey as I become the first and only Royal Crown Diamond in Young Living history to still nanny part-time because new baby smell is literal soul currency and I am never giving that up); Grey’s Anatomy #TeamJoLex; my TOMS slippers; and food—did I already mention that? 

Big believer in: kindness; the law of attraction; the power of storytelling; acting on your intuition; and personal growth. 

Why Young Living is essential to me: back in November 2016, I hit a wall. I was emotionally + physically drained from being a passive participant in my own life and was desperate for change—I was also desperate to support my skin, sleep, and digestive system—so I became determined to take ownership of my life. 

One morning, I woke up and made the conscious decision to shift my mindset from “passive participant in my own life who is emotionally + physically drained” to “I am in control of my life”. That morning, I told the universe that I wanted to be part of a spiritual community (not really even knowing what I really meant) and lo and behold (the sparknotes-y kind of version of the story):

*Six weeks later, oils were on their way to my door (you already know that I use them for allll the things). 

*I belong to a community if heartfelt, passionate people who are just as obsessed as living a plant-powered, toxin-free life as I am.

*Over the last two years, my eyes have been opened to the fact that I am capable of having a ripple effect on the world in an enormous way and do so much more good than I ever dreamed was possible. 

Here’s the thing: the last two years have been soul shaking in the best possible way because everything about this company from it’s products to it’s people, continues to radically shift how I value myself, experience self-esteem and self-worth and self-confidence on a daily basis, and I want for every.single.person. to experience that, too. 

Now it's your turn to start :)