Hi! I am Erika! I was a Paediatric Dentist and a musician before we came to live to Switzerland. Here in Switzerland we have made a home for ourselves, my husband and I have been blessed with 3 beautiful boys and I left my career to become a full time mom. It's a decision I will never ever regret! I love it! Two years ago, I had a life changing experience in my life, and this had huge repercussions in me. Even though I always had a smile on my face, my spirit was broken, and slowly I was beginning to feel I was in the way to a depression. So I looked for help, not for me, but for my children, how to help them. And a psychologist and friend told me my children were doing great, but it was me who really needed help. Because I live in Switzerland and therapy was going to be a little difficult, she suggested to look up aromatherapy and essential oils. And my quest began... soon I was trying every oil I got my hands on, but nothing seemed to convince me. Until I was introduced to Young Living, and OMG! After one week of using my starter kit, my husband asked me: "What is happening to you? You seem different" And I was, I am a new person, my heart began to heal, my body began to change for the better, and a new life style began to fill our home. I began to use my oils on my active children to help them focus when playing, to boost their immune system and most important to help them sleep better, and in no time they were sleeping 12 hours straight! My husband was a little skeptical at first, thought it was witchcraft but slowly came to believe and use them on a regular basis. Now we can not live with out our oils! They are the best thing that happened and we love them!!! I try every now and then to mix up new blends to surprise them. I love it! This is me, mom, wife, happy, loved, and full of joy to give! Can't wait to hear your story and share anecdotes and experiences!