Hey there!! I’m Evonna! I’m a wife and mom to James, Jackson, Rylee and our Puggle Brady. Together we make up #squadoffiveandapuggle. I love being a mom and taking care of my family it is my first priority. I love the journey that we started with Young Living and incorporating Natural Living in our home. We started using oils because I was looking for healthier alternatives for my family to well – almost everything. Last year my middle son Jackson was diagnosed with a mild respiratory condition and his ENT cautioned us to be careful of the toxins in our home especially fragrances – because it can worsen his condition. When I started to do research about what I was actually using in my home and started googling labels in things around our house – I knew quickly we had to replace toxins in every area of our life. As we started a more natural way of living so many things started to change for the better and I have become so passionate about sharing this with other families. I am so excited for you to join me in my journey and getting yourself equipped to making these changes for yourself and your family!!!