I'm Gina and this is Chuck- along with our four children- Giada, Lorenzo, Giancarlo & Angelo.  Yup life is busy, real busy, but I'm just over here finding grace in the chaos.  Being your typical city girl I love me a Philly pretzel, a pair of ripped jeans, an iced coffee in hand, Disney errrythang, dressing up tiny humans, matching family outfits and anything  #extra.  I currently am a stay at home mama helping other families find a life of consistency in wellness.  For as long as I can remember I have always had a servant heart, from my background in healthcare, to running my own boutique, to always wanting better for others, serving those around me just feels right- Young Living seemed to be a perfect fit for my personality.  

I took the first step towards a life of wellness when I grabbed my first starter in April of 2016, ya know after dragging my feet for a few months, ya see I wasn't looking for this lifestyle it kinda just found me.  At the time I was a momma of three, two being toddlers & I grabbed a kit for the bottle of lavender and the diffuser in hopes that it would help my two littles get some sleep at night.  Mama was at a breaking point.  What was going to happen next I was never expecting.  Not only did these little bottles of magic work they opened my eyes to a better lifestyle.  Cleaner products, better ways to support my family, transparency, a life of wellness & not living for illness.  Shortly after grabbing my kit I saw the value of having these products in my home to support my family, I started sharing them naturally & the rest fell into place.  Now I get to empower other Momma's to be advocates for their families because there is a much better way.  Once you see the vision on a life of consistency you can't help but crave it.  Simplify your home, learn to say no to the things that don't serve you, get good clean products under your sinks and on your families bodies, the rest just kinda works itself out.      

Being able to be apart of something far bigger than myself is empowering, magical so to say & I will run everyday with everyone who needs a friend to help them along the way.  We are all in this game of life together, so stay humble, be kind and want better for each other.  If you need a community to run with there is always enough room at our table.