Hey y’all! My name is Hannah Papa, and I’m so excited to take y’all on this wellness journey with me! I’m a mom, a soon to be wife, and a dental hygienist. Shortly after my daughter was born, I found myself looking for more natural options to help support her body than were available to me at Walmart or Target. Once I got my hands on my Young Living essential oil starter kit, I immediately saw the value behind these oils and products! Fast forward to today, and you will find that my family and I have completely switched out every toxic filled product in our house with young living products. Yes, that’s right, we are an overall wellness company which means we have so much to offer every single family. From your make up, to your laundry detergent, to your baby products and more, I promise that you will fall in love with this lifestyle just as much as we have! When you sign up to get your oils, you’re also becoming a part of amazing community of people so ready and willing to help educate you about this wellness journey. Join me on this ride to wellness, and I promise you will never look back!

To get started, click the 3 lines on the upper right hand side of this page for step by step instructions by click “how to get started” under the essential oils tab. You can also navigate the other options there to learn about each oil that comes in the premium starter kit, and what our team is all about. Click the “get started” button on my bio to grab your kit and start your new amazing lifestyle! You’ll receive a welcome email from me as well as a welcome gift once you’re all signed up. I’m so excited to have you!