Welcome! I'm Janelle, a Young Living Gold and a momma of two kiddos ages 6 and 3! I am also a Registered Nurse at a Women and Babies Hospital in Lancaster, PA. I started using oils to help support my daughter's sleep and found time and time again, all the amazing benefits of essential oils! I have embarked on the journey of empowering my friends and family to take control of their health and wellness. As a nurse, I have seen the cost of modern medicine. I am passionate about teaching people how to support their physical, emotional and spiritual being with the plants that we were gifted on this good green Earth! Prevention is powerful and it is time as a culture to go back to the basics. Essential Oils are not new - people have been using them for thousand of years! Sharing Young Living has opened so many doors for me and my family. We have learned that we do have a choice in the products we allow in our home. We have the power to make an impact on other people's wellness. Everyone has the freedom to live abundantly and to chase goals and dreams. There is enough room for everyone! Peace and Love <3 The Smith-Stoltzfus Family!