Hi I’m Jen! I’m so happy you’re here! I’m a wife, a mother to 3 boys, a daughter, a sister & a friend. I’m also a woman living in long-term recovery, a breast cancer survivor & the mother to an autistic toddler! What’s that saying.......God only gives you what you can handle. Well jeez, God must think I can handle the world on my shoulders! Sheesh! So with all those “blessings” piled on top of my shoulders, I needed a little help with my physical, mental & emotional well being. Enter....Young Living Essential Oils. When I was first introduced to Young Living, I had no idea what a HUGE impact it would make on my whole world. I thought that essential oils would make my home smell like a spa & that’s it. I had no idea that I could use them topically, I had no idea that Young Living offered supplements & household products and literally everything to make you, your family and your home toxic free. Mind blown!! I like to now think of myself as a hip hippie. Young Living has helped lift the weight that lived on top of my shoulders for many many years. I’m so excited for you to experience the same personal magic that I have!