Hi! I’m Jesse: Mama, Wife, Therapist and friend. I am a therapist by trade, an educator by choice, and a wellness advocate by passion.

My husband, Varun, and I run our Young Living business: King and Valor Oils together in our tiny home with our daughter and fur kids. We love being able to support our friends and family in taking charge of their wellness.

Young Living came into our life just about two years ago when my daughter and I were having some skin issues. We had exhausted all the suggested options, and we were desperate. And, let me tell you, as a nursing Mama I had VERY little options. One day, though frustration fueled and tear filled eyes, a dear friend helped me make a lotion that literally saved my sanity and my baby’s porcelain skin.

Since then I have gone on to immerse myself in learning about the amazing benefits that oils have to not only supporting your physical wellness, but your emotional wellness. I’ve gone down alllllll the rabbit holes about oils and their benefits for emotions, memories, trauma, sleep, etc and I will scream it from the mountain tops to anyone who will listen. I love love love being able to educate about how to use oils for emotional wellness, and we are on a conquest to empower all the humans to take control of their wellness, know that they ALWAYS have options, and to be the most balanced version of them they have ever known.

We pride ourselves on being your personal guide on this oily journey. We have made some of our best friends through young living and we are excited to make more, and walk side by side in a toxin free, emotionally well, and empowered life.

We would love it if you walked with us, get started by grabbing your starter kit below, or sending us a message with any questions you may have.

We are pumped to hang with you.

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