Hi friends! My name is Jess and I am a Pediatric Surgical Technician and a dog mom to two silly Weimaraners, Moose and Pauly. I love the sunshine, the ocean, palm trees (why do I live in Ohio?), sushi, fitness, and I can't seem to stay off of Etsy. I quickly jumped on the Young Living bandwagon due to an extremely high amount of stress in my life: working full-time, Nursing school full-time (I graduate in December 2019...yay!), keeping up with my house and trying to have a social life. I was completely worn out and my health started to decline in the form of anxiety attacks and heart problems related to stress. I knew I had to make a change. After stumbling upon oils from a friend at work and trying the ever-so popular blend, mellow mix (and having it work like a frickin' charm!) I ordered my first premium starter kit (PSK). The rest is history!

Not only have these oils helped me, but they have done wonderful things for my family as well. We now use Young Living products in our home that are all natural, chemical-free, and WAY safer than the other toxic crap you get anywhere else (trust me, go and read the back of your cleaning and beauty products). It amazes me every day that these plant-based products can make such a positive impact on our bodies and our minds. I am passionate about sharing and educating others about these oils so that their families can live a happy, healthier and more holistic lifestyle.