Hi I'm Juliana, a happy wife, married to an AWESOME husband and Mom of Santiago and Marcelo, two crazy and beautiful boys who keep me in my toes every single day. I was born and raised in Colombia where the Coffee grows between Orange and Avocado Trees. I'm an Ocean Lover, actually I have a degree in Marine Biology but now my PhD is in "how to raise my kids". I would love to live by the water and listen to the ocean waves every day, and show my boys the beauty of the sea and its beautiful creatures.

So Why Am I here?, Why did I joined Young Living? because of my family, their dreams and mines too. Here is a short version of my story: After Marcelo was born and Santi was going to school, my immune system was failing and theirs too, the only difference was, that I was a recycle machine and I would take double of what everyone had at the moment. I was so frustrated and tired that I started looking for natural options to boost our bodies, something that was not going to have a list of side effects or a bunch of names that I couldn't even pronounce; here is where you insert Young Living!! I found my piece of mind like I call it and since then I haven't look back. I found the power of plants that my grandmothers and aunts used to use every time for every single thing, I found science for that passion that I have in me and I found freedom to choose natural products that are tested from seed to seal to make sure they are 100% pure. As a mom and a wife and a daughter and a friend I want the best for everyone I know and I couldn't think of a better way than sharing the passion that I have for a natural, free of toxins lifestyle.