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I am a young 30s mama, married to Trevor, with two young boys- Jackson, who is 2 and Luke, who is 5 months, as well as our first child—Otto the goldendoodle. Amidst this chaos, I am usually counting down the minutes until my glass of wine each night—hah JK, but really I am enjoying this special time with my boys and trying to remember that it is fleeting. And that means being the best version of myself possible. I have learned that means I need to find ways to take care of ME. That includes a nice, big cup of coffee every morning, a workout in my basement to blow off some steam every day when my husband comes home from work, a mani pedi when I can sneak away for an hour or so (ummm that one needs to happen more often), and Young Living essential oils—to get me through the times where emotions feel hard, and I just want a little extra support. There is so much more that these little bottles of magic can do than I initially thought was possible. I can't wait to share more with you!