Im a 42-yr-old mother of 3 beautiful (& challenging) kids. I work full time as a Clinical Nurse Educator & will have my Masters in Nursing Education as of June 14, 2018. Ive been using essential oils with patients, fellow nurses & my family for the past 5 years & have seen Hundreds of benefits physically and emotionally for people of all ages. From pregnancy and birth to infants and toddlers, hormonal tween & teens, anxious young adults, stressed out working people like me, people who are ill and need some comfort, and even end-of-life and hospice patients. There is no one who wouldn’t benefit from some oils. Ive been working part time with Young Living for the past year and am in love with the company, products, & community! My main goal is to help people learn how easy these are to incorporate into your life. If you are ready to face your challenges and need some support, these oils, and the community that comes along with it are, the perfect way to do just it. Im newly in the divorce process & feel so grateful to have my oils to help me & my kids through this difficult time!!