Hi, friend! I'm Kelsey. I am a piano teacher, worship leader, creator, dreamer, and wife to my amazingly supportive, entrepreneurial spirited, high school sweetheart, Caleb. We are passionate about freedom and wellness in all aspects, and committed to living out a full life of Truth and light. I have always been attracted to natural living, as I believe our bodies were designed and built very intentionally to support themselves given a healthy lifestyle. I have been using lavender oil for years, and when I decided to expand my use and explore essential oils a bit further, my research (which I take very seriously!) paired with my own personal experiences revealed a whole new world to me - queue Disney song! I had no idea of the amount of benefits that come with such cared for, high-grade oils. I fell in LOVE with Young Living, not because someone told me to, or because it is trendy right now, or because I'm trying to sell something, but because time after time after time, the oils and products worked and continue to leave me completely amazed - not to mention the lavender is like no other! And so we've begun our journey to live better and remove the toxic ingredients from our home and lifestyle by replacing them with true goodness and things that support our overall health and well-being. There is nothing more important to us as we think about our future family and the way we want to lead in love and bestow the values we have for this life that we've been given. I am passionate about sharing and helping other people and other families to be empowered by their own journeys of freedom and living well. I love essential oils, the ocean, coffeeee, and all things baby.