Hey hey! I’m Kiera! I live just outside of Philadelphia with my hubby Chris, and my dog child, Quinn. I recently left my corporate job as a preschool director to be a nanny and focus on my passion for essential oils.

I believe in manifesting the heck out of what you want in life. I pretty much never have a plan, and I just jump in with both feet and figure the rest out later—which is exactly what happened when I got started with oils in 2018. Now I have a passion for oils and Young Living that I can’t shut up about.

I grabbed my starter kit not knowing anything about the sense of community I would gain, let alone the empowerment I would soon have to advocate for my heath and wellness—all stemming from little bottles of plant juice.

I now love sharing my passion and educating any and everyone who will listen. Young Living has changed my life in more ways than one, and it can change yours too.