I'm a Stay at Home Momma of a sweet and sassy little girl, AdaLynn, and married to a super supportive husband, Matthew. We have a cute little pup named Penny who sometimes talks a little too much, if you know what I mean! Our neighbors are horses and cows, so we certainly enjoy living a more quiet and simple life!

Our oily journey began because I just wanted to help my husband get more peaceful sleep, but wow did God have bigger plans than just that. Soon after I got my kit, I found myself saying “there’s an oil for that” A LOT when listening to family and friends chatting about all that life brings. I couldn't keep my mouth shut about these little bottles of God's gifts to us.

Sharing my love of these oils and helping to educate my family and friends on a different way truly feels like what God had planned for me all along. I truly feel everything and everyone was made with a purpose. Yes, that includes you, me, plants and trees. God didn't just create a billion different types of plants, trees and flowers to JUST smell and look pretty. He created them to give us a natural way of helping our bodies do what He made them to do. I have such a sense of peace knowing I am right where He wants me to be. <3