Hi! I'm Lauren - I'm a well-oiled twenty-something Cajun girl from South Louisiana and a full time nursing student working hard for a BSN. I work in the ICU when I'm not in class and I'm passionate about caring for those most vulnerable. I'm also a swimmer committed to equipping the young and the old with the skills needed to survive any aquatic situation. I'm proud to share my love for water as well as very important self-rescue skills. I began using YL in August 2017 with the intention of making my home smell nicer. Little did I know, more would change than just the air in my home. Noticing a difference in my mood and energy was just the start of my journey. I'm happier and healthier now that I've taken life by the horns and eliminated the toxins from my home and body. Sharing the lifestyle and empowering others to take control of their health is paramount in my life. I'm obsessed with succulents, mascara, sushi, and my mini Australian Shepherd named Cali. I am most sincere in saying my hope for you is that you decide to take a leap of faith and join me in this journey to a better life. If you give this lifestyle an honest chance, I can promise you'll find more happiness that you've ever dreamed of. I can't wait to see you on the other side! Instagram: @laurensylvest