Lilia Lipps


Hi I'm Lilia Lipps and I am a giant skeptic. As in "these plant juice snake oils have no benefits" type of skeptic. At least I was until I started using them. I have been using oils since 2015 and love helping other families swap out toxic products and learn to use oils to stay above the wellness line. I live with my daughter Madeline, my husband Todd, and our brand new puppy Luna. Puppies are hard...hence, I am using #alltheoils like Valor, Peace and Calming, and Stress Away to get through it. I love reading (in all my nonexistent spare time), baking (had my own dessert business for about 10 years), blogging, and throwing parties. I love friendship and love and have found the Young Living community to be one of the greatest unexpected perks of the oily lifestyle. Join me!