Thank you so much for being here!

It's all about the journey, right? So here is mine thus far. I started using oils in September of 2016. I attended a class on using oils to help with working out. I said to myself "I work three jobs, I'm buying this for myself!" For those of you that know me personally know that I work myself into the ground trying to please EVERYONE around me while trying to maintain balance. Some days I'm very successful at this task, other days, not so much! Most of the time it's the later. When I started using my oils there were a few in the starter kit that I knew I'd use and others that I thought would just sit in that pretty box! Little did I know that I'd be going around saying "Oh wait, I have an oil for that!" I share my love for the oils because I truly believe in them with all my ❤️!

I'm so happy you are here with me and appreciate you allowing me to share my knowledge with you!