Hi! I’m Lucy :) I’m a late twenties gal living just north of Boston with my other half, Anthony, and our doughter, Autumn. I am an occupational therapist which means my goal in life is to help people do the things they want to do and feel good doing them. Spoiler alert: I use oils to help me do the things I want to do and feel good doing them *praise hands* I grew up in one of the crunchiest neighborhood of Philadelphia and a loving, candle-less, makeup-less, home cooked meal-full home. I admit that I strayed away from those safe and healthy roots I was brought up on a bit through college but when essential oils came into my life three years ago I was like Cinderella slipping on that glass slipper. It all made sense. I jumped in head first and have been sharing and educating my friends (and myself!) about all of the benefits these sweet little bottles have to offer ever since. At this point we have basically replaced every product that had been under our kitchen sink, in the medicine cabinet, in the bathroom, and in my makeup bag with ones Young Living has to offer. I love to DIY my own products with oils that are just right for me, but I also love #lazygirlhacks like using Seedlings baby wipes to remove my makeup. I’m so excited for you to get started!