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Hey there! We're The Smolas. I'm Mandi and this is my husband Steve and our kiddos Austin and Taylor. Our oily journey started when I was pregnant with Taylor and experiencing some amplified pregnancy ailments. Enter Young Living and our lives have been changed for the better ever since! Never did I think that our two kiddos (who are in full time daycare with all those germies) would be so healthy! Young Living has not only provided products that keep our family above the wellness line, but it has opened my eyes and made me so much more aware of the scary and toxic chemicals that are in our every day products. This oily journey has forced me to understand my body on such a deeper level and not just fix a symptom. Instead, it makes me dig deeper to find the root cause of the problem. We are so excited that you have taken the first step to learn more about what Young Living can offer. We are over-the-moon excited you are here and can't wait for you to get your starter kit and join us in our oily journey!