Hi, I’m Marissa! This is my daughter Aviva and I at a recent party we cohosted with flower crowns and fellow Moderns; making clean, essential oil based perfumes and sweet memories. I am a mom to two bright girls and wife to one incredible husband, my true mirror in life, Adam. Together we go through life’s ups and downs together, keeping it real, grounded and working on love every day.

I am a light bearer by voice and by choice. I see the best in people and help them see the best in themselves. I am also sometimes kind of psychic. Not in the “I do readings” kind of way; but in the “I said what you were thinking and can and finish your sentences” kind of way.

I have crazy all consuming respect for full time working moms and dads, stay at home moms and dads because you are working full time too, and people just coming out of school, finding their purpose. You are the intention setters. The candle bearers. You have vision, talent, and an important voice to share with this world.

I grabbed my oils June 2017. It feels like five seconds that we have had YL essential oils 🌿💧in the house and also like forever. I soul searched with my self to make sure that this was not a quick fix or a trend before Young Living. I peeked behind the fence with essential oils for 18 months before figuring out how easy they are to use and how powerful they can be.

I found essential oils for wellness support and became obsessed with them for emotional wellness, skincare + community. I continue to move myself from well intentioned and passionate to consistent, well and accountable every day. I love helping people see the good in themselves and helping them achieve a growth mindset. I am also silly good at cleaning stains and rocking a smokey eye and highlighted cheekbones. Valor + Transformation oils are my life lines.