Hey! My name is Mindi and my husband, son, and I just moved from El Paso, Texas (Fort Bliss) to Watertown/Evans Mills, NY (Fort Drum). Wayyy up north and about 5 hours from New York City. It's pretty cool up here, a lot different than El Paso, but very similar to our home state of Michigan. We are an Army family, and I imagine we will be lucky enough to move a few more times during my husbands career as a Warrant Officer.

Being a Mom can be stressful... Add being an Army Wife to it - (you never know whats going to happen, when a deployment is going to pop up, missing your spouse at least 5-6 months out of a year even if he/she isn't deployed because of field training and different schools...) adds a little more chaos.

Oils have helped me remain grounded and sane. As well as help my family stay healthy, sleep better, not have to run to the neighborhood corner store for bright flashy boxes when we don't feel well, ANDD reduce the amount of toxins that we bring into our home. Thieves Household Cleaner is the BOMB.COM!