And now, with YL Go+, you can grab all your faves anytime with free shipping! Okay, so let’s talk about these freebies because they are the BOMB this month.🎉🎉🎉🎉

If you're new here, lemme fill you in. Every month Young Living gives us amazing products for FREE when you order a certain PV amount. These freebies will come with your order. The ones marked *ER Exclusive are for Essential Rewards orders only. Which if you're ordering and NOT on ER, that's just sillllllly. (No commitment, customize your box program where you earn points back to use on whatevs. It's the bomb. Learn more here.)


Citronella, 15 ml | 100pv ER Exclusive

Want to enjoy the outdoors this summer annoyance free ? Then grab up some Citronella.

I’m not a big DIYer but these Citronella infused candles are easy to make and you can keep them outside to enjoy evening dinners in your yard annoyance free. Here is a blog that shares the recipe I use here. 

This also has an uplifting aroma! We love to add some citrus fresh to this in the diffuser for a fresh and clean smell in the kitchen.

Lime, 15ml | 190PV

(Also a vitality oil) Everything tastes better with Lime Vitality! Guacamole. Water. Ningxia. Add it! Did you know that Lime Essential oil is 100 % Bioflavonoid? Yep! That means it not only supports the immune system, but it stimulates the detox pathways and helps with the absorption of Vitamin C. Emotionally, Lime is linked to feeling unmotivated. Apply a couple drops of Lime over your lungs- yep! Over your lungs and get some motivation going!

Northern Lights Black Spruce, 5ml | 190PV ER Exclusive

Anyone love Idaho Blue Spruce? Well you will love this one too then! Grounding, centering, calming… pretty much intoxicating if you ask me. Men also love this oil so if you are looking for a good oil for Father’s Day, this one is coming to you for FREE this month. Once of my fave combos is to diffuse this with Ylang Ylang and Orange. Also remember that these trees literally hold the energy of the Northern Lights. Talk about next level frequency! The entire tree is bottled in here, making this oil both elevating and grounding.

Peppermint Cedarwood Soap | 250PV

I LOVE when Young Living sends us lifestyle products! Because who doesn’t use soap? If you haven’t tried our bar soaps yet, you are in for a real treat. This one is infused with peppermint and cedarwood - it is invigorating and refreshing. Our bar soaps are also hydrating and don’t try out your skin. Most bar soaps on the market include harsh chemicals such as SLES, SLS, Triclosan, and Parabens which not only dry out the skin but have been linked to a plethora of health issues. Our soaps contain NONE of those ingredients. 

Nitro (box with 14 tubes) | 300PV

Brain fog? Feeling groggy? Need a mental boost? Nitro is your go to.

NingXia Nitro is an all-natural way to increase cognitive alertness, enhance mental fitness, and support overall performance. Its benefits are derived from a wide range of powerful cognitive enhancers, including a proprietary blend of pure black pepper, nutmeg, vanilla, chocolate, yerba mate, spearmint, and peppermint essential oils.

Combined with these therapeutic-grade essential oils, Bioenergy Ribose improves physical performance, speeds up recovery, and increases overall energy reserves.

Other supportive ingredients, such as B vitamins, green tea extract, choline, and Korean ginseng, are added to sharpen the mind and invigorate the senses. NingXia Nitro is a simple and convenient way to become more focused, support mental acuity, and enhance physical performance.

➕Primary Benefits 
• Increases mental fitness, cognitive alertness, and physical acuity 
• Enhances athletic performance and endurance 
• Boosts energy and serves as a daily pick-me-up

➕Who Should Use This Product? 
• Individuals looking to increase physical performance and endurance 
• Individuals interested in improving focus 
• Individuals looking for a convenient, on-the-go pick-me-up

➕Suggested Use 
• Consume NingXia Nitro directly from the tube or mix with 2–4 oz. NingXia Red or 4 oz. water to enhance physical performance, lift mental fog, or anytime you need a pick-me-up. 
Best served chilled. 
Shake well before use.

Nitro Branded Socks | 300PV

Um how CUTE are these?!!! On the bottom of the socks: “If you can read thisBring me Nitro!” Gah! Such a fun way to show off your love for YL and Nitro! These socks are valued at $25. Sooo fun!

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