Hello everyone, I'm Nicole! I'm married to a wonderful man named Anthony and I'm a mama to 3 year old Mia and 4 month old Dominic. Our sweet children are the reasons I set out on our wellness journey.

When Mia was a baby, I became diligent with reading labels and chosing healthy foods and products to put into and onto her body. It become abundantly clear that there are a lot of unhealthy and downright harmful things that are in our every day products and I wanted them far away from her. In November of 2016, as the winter was approching, I wanted to be proactive in keeping my family well and decided to buy a starter kit. It was the best decision I have made in terms of my family's health.

Young Living is more than an oils company, they're a wellness company. Their various plant based products have helped rid our home of chemical laden ones and are the safest, cleanest products on the market. We use oils for just about everything- like sleep, emotional support, stress, keeping our immune systems healthy, skin, seasonal support, and the list goes on. You can find them in every corner of our home and chances are, if you come over and have an ailment, I'm offering you an oily solution.

My wellness journey has made me a much more informed mom and a more empowered person. I'd love to help you feel the same. Let's link arms and walk this path together.