Hey! I'm a single mama of two spunky and goofy girls working to show them how to take control of their wellbeing and happiness. I have a crazy large but smart pup Macy. Our home can be a bit... or more like a lot... CRAZY! There definitely can be some yelling but most of all there is love. Lots and lots of love. My motto in life is to show love to everyone and that is what I'm passing on to my kids and the people around me. Now don't take my love as doing everything for my kids. Nope, this mama gives a lot of tough love. Young Living Essential Oils has brought wellness and emotional balance to my life, so much so, I can do everything that I have to do and want to do (self care is so important). The transformation I've seen within myself and within my girls is mind blowing. So mind blowing that I must share! And share I do to anyone who wants to learn more. I love teaching others about how to live a toxic free lifestyle and how to take control of their health. The Moderns group has been more than just an essential oils resource but a community full of uplifting positive people. I have learned more than just oils from this community. And it is definitely a judgement free zone. You will find all types of people in this community. Some you will agree with and some views you won't but that's ok because we are all uniquely designed and completely beautiful! My life long goal is to help women feel beautiful and confident with who they are uniquely. I also want to help single moms find the strength that is already within them, a freedom they never thought they could find, and most of all a community.