I am a Physics/Math/Pre-Med college sophomore at Ursinus College, and discovered oils during my freshman year! After losing my grandfather and growing up chronically ill, I was done feeling like I was not in control of my mind and body. What they say about “your vibe attracts your tribe” is one of the most important things I have learned from being a Modern this last year—I have always wanted to become a doctor to help others the same way I watched growing up in the medical field. I discovered something raw and deep inside of me through oils—that I am meant to help people the very same way Moderns have helped me. This journey has been more than about oils…it has been about all the personal growth. I have blossomed from being the most social, yet reclusive college student with all the challenges in life… into a strong, becoming independent, almost twenty-something year old. My wish is to have every single person experience at least a fraction of the joy and relief oils have brought to my life over the last year, and to help lift everyone up to the best versions of themselves! In the wise words of Brittany Bollard, my fellow Modern and “oil mama”… “Be a fountain, not a drain”. <3