Hey guys! My name is Patrice and I am married to Chris. We have 4 children: Brayden, Rowan, Maelyn, and Jackson.  We started using oils over a year ago and it has been the best decision we ever made for our family... hands down! Being a Kindergarten teacher educating others comes naturally.  Educating others on oils and all there benefits is a passion of mine. 

After researching ALL the harmful affects toxins found in our day to day products have on us, we made the decision to slowly exchange all our harmful products for safe YL products. We also made a conscience decision to use oils consistently!  

Truth is the oils worked.  They then worked again, and again, and again.  Now we are obsessed! Not just with oils, but with all of YL’s amazing products from Ningxia to Art skincare to YL’s savvy makeup.  Their Kidscent line and Seedling line are also some of our faves! 

We have chosen a chemical free lifestyle to the best of our ability and look forward to helping you on your oil journey. ~ XO