I am a Hospice RN, wife, and mom to the best Beagle (Max) in the world. I started using oils 2 years ago to help me with sleep. I knew that the methods I was using were bad for me and I was looking for a healthy, non Rx alternative.

What I found was beyond what I could even imagine. I fell asleep quicker, slept more deeply and stayed asleep through the night.
I explored more about Young Living and quickly learned it was a lifestyle. A healthy, natural way of living. Plant based, non toxic and chemical free.

Young Living is more than just Essential oils.

Everyday, besides their oils; I use their beauty and healthcare products, nutritional products and supplements and a whole line of products devoted to Max.

I use my oils to find inner peace, calm me down in a hectic world, soothe my feelings and emotions. There are oils I use to stimulate my mind, body and spirit.