Hi friends! My name is Sarah and I am so excited you are here! I am a mama to 3 little ones, a health and PE teacher, a little Starbucks obsessed (cold brew, anyone?)...most of my life is spent in car lines, running in and out of the gym , and at play dates and I would not trade it for the world. As a health and PE teacher I have always said I had my DREAM job...that was until I had children and then my dream job became them! I have a passion for sharing and a passion for wellness. I love to teach, I love kids (even high schoolers- they are amazing!), and I love learning more about how to support our bodies. Despite all this, a few years ago we were regulars at the pediatricians office, I was always stressed, emotional, and exhausted. I thought this was normal...I figured life with 3 kids was just that. I decided to give essential oils a try- what did I have to lose? Well this may sound cliche but "the rest is history". This journey has opened my eyes to all the toxins I had in my house that were causing damage to my family. Young Living has made all the difference in our family- its like it was the one missing piece. We are happier, healthier, less stressed, better rested, and on and on and on. I am blown away each day at the power of these PLANTS. I know that God has put these things (that literally grow) on this earth for us to use to support our bodies and minds and I am so happy that I have them to support us in all of the ways. I have now found another passion in educating about them and this incredible company. I want this for all of my family and friends and this journey has been the best and most unexpected blessing . I am super excited for you to join us on this oily journey and I will be here for you the whole way!