Hi! I'm Sharon. I'm married to Paul and we have 2 dog children, Aurie (Rottweiler), and Jager (Chocolate Lab). I have a bonus son who is grown, and he has a son of his own who is of course the cutest!

I came across Young Living through a Facebook friend. I honestly only wanted the diffuser she posted a picture of (The Aria! So beautiful!), especially since I'd just ordered oils from another company. But the diffuser I needed came in a starter kit, and I eventually pulled the trigger and ordered it. That kit of oils sat in the box for probably 2 weeks and during that time I started seeing posts from the oils education groups in my Facebook feed and started to learn about them and how they are so different than any other oils. The first oil I used was Panaway on my thumb, which was overused while moving into our new home. At first I felt a tingly feeling (a good one!) and then I applied it again and it felt so much better! I couldn’t believe it! Other oils I’d tried really just didn’t quite do the trick for me, where the Young Living oils totally have.

So that's where my Young Living journey began. Once I broke out the oils in my starter kit I compared them to other oils I had smelled (including the ones I'd just ordered, which have been in a drawer ever since) and there is absolutely no comparison. They smell better and they work better. By far. I dove in and since doing so I’ve experienced such profound improvements physically and emotionally. I also learned so much about how unhealthy so many of the products on the store shelves are for us, and it makes me mad how we are lead to believe these products are safe when they aren't, that companies don't need to disclose full ingredients of their products, and how bad synthetic fragrances are for us. Just the word "fragrance" listed in ingredients is a catch-all for any number of chemicals that are associated with allergies, dermatitis, respiratory problems and hormone disruption. Seriously, Google and PubMed science library have tons of information on that and it's so scary!

When you know better, you should do better and Young Living as a wellness company has enabled me to move away from all of the unnatural and irritative products I’d been using in and on myself, my dogs, and my home. I use the oils, supplements, cleaning products, and personal products and they work so much better than the products I used before. I sleep better, I feel better, people tell me I smell amazing, and I've been able to save my PTO days for fun stuff while others around me are not.

I'm so glad I said YES to Young Living and I literally can't shut up about these oils. I learn as much as I can about them and love all of the sharing that goes on within our oily community. I’ve enjoyed sharing Young Living oils with my friends and family, and truly enjoy seeing such positive changes for them as well. It's become the job I love!