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Hi. I’m Tarah! I’m a momma to two sparkly children, Jesse Bruce, 13, and Izzy Paige, 8, and two amazing pooches Utley, the sweetest old bulldog you ever will meet + Lucy, an enchanting, effervescent pug pup. I’m an advocate for orphans who’ve lost a parent/s to violence, love to lace up my sneaks and pound the pavement, get the hugest kick out of watching my kids compete in sports, and absolutely relish the heck out of my oils + coff-ay + Ningxia Red!

Discovering and using essential oils has been a huge physical and emotional blessing to me and my family. Drawn to oils first as a way to calm my kids in the evening and searching for better sleep for all of us, we quickly graduated beyond Lavender and oils are now an all day, everyday part of our lives. Our diffusers are always pumping plant magic throughout our home; we use oils for immunity, respiratory, digestive and psychological support. With Young Living, we’ve also raised our nutritional game by adding essential oil-infused supplements to our diets and use only YL for home cleaning + personal hygiene. The benefits to this life of wellness + abundance have been so incredibly profound. We’re all more grounded, more peaceful, healthier and happier!

I’m thrilled you’re here and can’t wait to help you on your journey to better wellness!