Hi I'm Tina! I am a Pediatric Registered Nurse and single mama to my daughter Luciana...we call her Lu or LuLu. I am everything Young Living obsessed, a total Starbucks junkie, paper product nerd...gimme all the pretty stickers/notepads/cards/planners ect... and most days when I'm not at the hospital you can just find me at home chillin with my favorite little girl LuLu or at the Target dolllaa spot snatching up all the things!

When I started on this journey to wellness I had no clue what I was getting myself into. I was so unsure but I knew that I needed to make our health and wellness a priority. It was one kit of 11 oils and a diffuser that changed it all for us.... And so here is our story... We started using Young Living oils about a year ago when Luciana had suddenly stopped sleeping through the night at 5 months old. I was an exhausted, desperate mama who would do anything to help her baby get some sleep. So we grabbed our first premium starter kit...yep I said first...and the first night I diffused our oils she slept 11 hours.

Whattt....theee...whatttt....I know that was my reaction too. I was amazed. Less than a month later we grabbed our second kit and the rest is history. Not only are we both sleeping better, we use our oils to support all of our body systems. I also have kicked all the toxic crap out of our house and swapped it with Young Living products that are plant based, safe, and chemical free and we have never been happier or healthier. During this time I have been using and sharing our love of Young Living oils and products, I have helped so many other families start on a journey to wellness and happiness. It is my passion to help educate and inspire others to come on this journey with me. What can I say?!....When I find something I love and that is of true value I