As a thirty something woman, you change! Things change at 30, you are more confident, more mature, and more established. You open your eyes more to life and for me, that meant I began to realize things more and more in the foods and products myself and loved ones were eating and using. I was curious about if “this” really did lead to “that” and I started wondering if there were alternatives to the daily remedies I’d been relying on. My wondering lead me to researching.. and then discovering options and non-traditional methods for my healthy lifestyle. I started educating myself. Once educated, I discovered essential oils, as I was looking for some support in a few areas of my own personal wellness. Once I discovered EOs and researched all of the oils in the market (like seriously I did this for forrrrrreverrrr), I concluded Young Living was the company for me. I bought my starter kit and had my ah-ha oils moment almost immediately.. from that day forward I have felt like a new woman. I will never not use oils or YL products, and I will never stop shouting my love for them at he top my my lungs! I am so passionate about YL and the wellness it has given me, I just love sharing that and giving others the opportunity to have the same in their life. Nothing makes me happier than introducing others to Young Living and seeing how these products change their lives!